About Combat Focus Shooting

Combat Focus Shooting is an Intuitive Shooting Program designed to help the student become more efficient in the context of a dynamic critical incident. Based on working well with what you body does naturally under the conditions that you are most likely to have to defend yourself or others with a firearm, CFS uses the concepts of the Balance of Speed & Precision, Combat Accuracy, The Warrior Expert Theory and Consistency to create an efficient set of techniques and training program for those interested in counter-ambush shooting skills.

The CFS App lets you use your iPhone to reinforce good habits, increase speed and precision, and design drills that work for you.

For shooting drills to work effectively, they must simulate real world situations as closely as possible. While predictable drills train you to remember the drill and/or perform rehearsed skills without having to process and stimuli, the Combat Focus Shooting App allows you to select a variety of voice commands, timing intervals, and durations to make custom drills that are different every time.

Drill setup

Number of Iterations

Command List

Drill in Action

A Finished Drill

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App Features

  • Create your own Balance of Speed and Precision drills at any time
  • Customize drills for any target type
  • Customize drills for your skill level
  • Receive command alerts via device speaker, headphones, and device vibration (if available)
  • Save custom drills for later use
  • Keep up with the latest news from the Combat Focus Shooting Instructor team